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Today’s workout: Running

2 Sep

The krav maga place is closed today and tomorrow. Partly I’m bummed – I need as much practice as I can get before my test – but partly I’m glad to have the excuse to have a nice run instead.

I used to run a lot. When I lived in New York, I’d run between 20 and 25 miles a week. I’d do four miles or so on the treadmill three times a week, then a six mile run in Central Park on Fridays, and a six to eight (once even 10) mile run on Sundays.

In the past few years, I’ve fallen out of the habit of running so much. Before I started KM, I’d run at most three times a week, about four miles each time. That dropped even lower after I started KM and also KO Bag.

The blogger at Krav Maga Journey wrote that with krav maga, he didn’t lose as much weight as he anticipated, and mentioned in another post that you should have other exercise outside of KM class. This is true for me as well. While I felt myself getting stronger with KM and KO Bag, I wasn’t really losing weight. Then I realized I needed to incorporate more running back into my routine. It’s a good way, too, to build up my endurance.

So that’s a long way of saying I ran 5 miles today on the treadmill. Woot! Here’s the breakdown.

  • Ran first .8 mile at 5.3 to 5.5 MPH
  • Interval training for 5 minutes, alternating 7.0-7.1 MPH sprinting and 4.3 MPH walking
  • Ran .8 mile at 5.3 to 6 MPH
  • Increased incline incrementally to 6%
  • Sprinted 7.1 on 6% incline for one minute
  • Ran balance of 5 miles at 5.7 MPH at decreasing incline

Afterward I had total runner’s high. Haven’t had that in a while.