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Casualty update

13 Aug

Yesterday in KO Bag, I developed what I thought was a bad side stitch. I assumed it was because I was dehydrated or had gas or had eaten too close to class. But the pain lasted all of yesterday, and I still have it today.

Today is definitely better. Yesterday I could barely move without it hurting, and it felt like a terrible gas bubble. Today the pain is less – still hurts when I cough or sneeze, when I first start walking, and when I pull things, like doors, with my right arm – and feels more like a muscle injury than large and gaseous.

The pain is on the right, about two inches in from my waist and about an inch below my ribs. I’m guessing it’s a strained inner oblique or some other abdominal muscle from overenthusiatic round kicks.

MB showed me the proper way to do a round kick, and rather than mainly use my hip flexors (and not my butt, which was what I was doing), I overused my obliques. That didn’t happen on my left side probably because my right leg is stronger, which perhaps gave me a stronger base. Who knows, I’m just guessing.

I’m hoping it will be healed up by Thursday, the next time I plan on taking krav maga. If it still hurts by the weekend, I may have to skip my Saturday and Sunday KO Bag fixes. 😦