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Today’s class: KO Bag

5 Sep
  • Straight punches
  • Hooks
  • Body shots
  • Elbow
  • Roundkicks
  • Knees

Casualty: I still don’t do knees right. Instead of moving forward, I move up, which results in scraped knees. Today I got especially enthusiatic and managed a giant purple bruise as well. Oh well, at least I didn’t hurt my knee joint. That would really suck. I’ll try to take a picture later.

In other news, I think my hooks are improving. I haven’t hurt my shoulder the last couple of times, and am getting the hang of turning my hips with the hooks, and throwing my body weight behind them rather than just my arms, which results in jammed shoulders.


Today’s class

18 Aug

Krav maga

  • Straight punches
  • Straight punches with movement

Casualty update: My side felt a little sore, but not too bad. Still, I knew it was probably the adrenaline that was keeping me from feeling more pain so I skipped KO Bag (although I was jonesing to go) and went for a short run afterward, three miles with interval training.

Casualty update

13 Aug

Yesterday in KO Bag, I developed what I thought was a bad side stitch. I assumed it was because I was dehydrated or had gas or had eaten too close to class. But the pain lasted all of yesterday, and I still have it today.

Today is definitely better. Yesterday I could barely move without it hurting, and it felt like a terrible gas bubble. Today the pain is less – still hurts when I cough or sneeze, when I first start walking, and when I pull things, like doors, with my right arm – and feels more like a muscle injury than large and gaseous.

The pain is on the right, about two inches in from my waist and about an inch below my ribs. I’m guessing it’s a strained inner oblique or some other abdominal muscle from overenthusiatic round kicks.

MB showed me the proper way to do a round kick, and rather than mainly use my hip flexors (and not my butt, which was what I was doing), I overused my obliques. That didn’t happen on my left side probably because my right leg is stronger, which perhaps gave me a stronger base. Who knows, I’m just guessing.

I’m hoping it will be healed up by Thursday, the next time I plan on taking krav maga. If it still hurts by the weekend, I may have to skip my Saturday and Sunday KO Bag fixes. 😦