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Today’s classes

29 Nov

Krav maga 2

  • Level 1 chokeholds – slowly with eyes closed
  • Level 1 chokeholds – regular speed with eyes open
  • Hooks – After the strike, bring the hand back to the face, drop elbow so that head is covered, back to fighting stance.
  • Front push kick – This is similar to the bladder kick except that you lift your knee higher, showing your opponent the bottom of your foot, and aim for stomach or chest. There’s the same forward action with the hips.

Krav maga 1

  • 360 defense
  • Inside defense
  • All combatants

Today’s classes

25 Nov

I went to Krav 1 and KO Bag, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what we did in Krav 1 aside from groin kicks (I’m writing this a week later). At least I went to class!

Today’s classes

24 Nov

Krav Maga 1

  • Straight punches
  • Straight punches – low
  • Inside defense

Krav Maga 2

  • Shadow boxing
  • Breaking toes
  • All strikes with aggression
  • All chokeholds
  • All chokeholds from opposite side
  • All chokeholds with one arm
  • 360 defense
  • 360 defense with counterattack

Yay, I finally went to krav 2! You know how obvious it is that I don’t go? Two classmates were like, “Hey, you’re here!”

Going to krav 2 on Saturday means I don’t have to go on Sunday. Double yay!

Falling out of the habit

22 Nov

In the past month – really since I passed my yellow belt test – I’ve fallen out of the habit of going to krav maga regularly and, consequently, of posting here.

Here’s a summary of my classes since my last post. (Unfortunately I didn’t jot down exactly what we did.)

October 21

  • Krav Maga 1
  • Krav Maga 2

October 28

  • Krav Maga 1
  • KO Bag

November 4

  • KO Bag

November 10

  • Krav Maga 1
  • KO Bag

I haven’t been going to krav maga 2 as much as I should. Of course it’s harder and out of my comfort zone so I’m resistant. My goal this weekend is to go on both Saturday and Sunday, or at least one of those days.

While I was in New Jersey last week, I showed my friend ES some of my krav maga moves. She was kind of impressed by the defense combos, my round kick, and my getting up the krav maga way.

It was interesting to hear a non-KM person’s perception. I’m so used to being average or below-average, compared to all my classmates.